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Choosing the right software for digitalizing processes is a major challenge for companies and authorities. Our certification therefore matters a lot when making a decision.

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We are choosing the right tool for your specific demand and company size, helping you with the implementation and keeping you informed about technical updates and Used-Cases.

International Chamber of E-Tools ICE

Our chamber registered in Lucerne (Switzerland) supports our members and their customers in their digitalization path. In contrary to many other rating platforms focusing on the American standards, we are independent and respect the cultural differences and expectations.

D-A-CH Countries

We take the cultural specialties of the German speaking D-A-CH countries into consideration and offer consulting and the Buyer´s Guide also in German.


One of our main partner agencies works together with Chinese companies which also appreciate innovative European software.


In each European country there are agencies which use our data base for making the right decision for their customers. Our locally focused agency members speak the customer´s language.


If you are an ICE member, take the chance on informing us about your latest updates. We will take them into consideration or if it´s something really innovative publish it to our community in one of our conferences.


Conferences are taking place all around the world. The latest trends in process-simplyfing-software are presented to a large group of agencies and end-users


All customer and technical data we get from you can be only reviewed by the ICE board. Agencies only get a recommendation based on the customer needs.

Why should you be certified by ICE?

We are in touch with more than 500 agencies and much more companies and authorities supporting them to find the right tool for their digitalization process.  Due to our international experiences cultural preconditions as well as the state of digitalization in each country will be respected. Let us give you an example: Germans, even the younger ones, are not as keen on paying electronically like in the US. So it might not make sense to invest a lot in payment options but rather making a quick and easy e-commerce solution with online returning options.

We check functions, safety and quality aspects of your software. If we see that your product will satisfy many users, branches or countries, you will be GOLD certified.

We take you customer´s voice into consideration as well but we are not making public ratings which will protect you from getting blamed by a competitor who only wants to harm you.

You have or search an innovative software for digitalization?

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Our certification process is simple

Our certification process is very efficient. You fill out the questionnaire and we are checking your software. For that reason is will be advantageous if we might get a demo version or some customer references. We will keep these data in confidence.

We also offer several marketing packages which you can choose together with your certification:

  • Certification including newsletter template
  • Certification and Social Media publishing by ICE
  • Internal Buyer´s Guide publication

If you promote your product certified by ICE you can increase your companies´awareness level  – worldwide and local


You are searching for innovative software solutions?

So you better trust in our expertise. Our members has really worked with more than 100 digitalization tools. Additionally we are having the largest data base of software worldwide if you are searching for:

  • CRM
  • Marketing Automation
  • Webcrawler
  • Online Pricing
  • CMS
  • E-Commerce
  • and much more

Become and ICE member and be informed about the latest trends and updates.

Currently in the certification process


Mautic is an open source Marketing Automation Software which is for free.

Marketing Automation , Open Source Software

Online and Internet Marketing Tools for Restaurants

Internet and Online Marketing Tools, Web Connection

Several IT solutions such as CRM, ERP, CMS and Reports

CRM, System in Motion

Online Marketing Consulting

Digital Consulting, Hot Pot Digital

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mautic is open source marketing automation